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Our privacy commitment

The Korean Presbyterian Church in Amsterdam (“CHURCH”) is committed to protecting the privacy of its members. The personal information you share with CHURCH will be used to support the administration and management of ministries and maintaining programs offered by CHURCH. We protect the personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy.

Why does CHURCH gather personal information?

Personal information is any information that identifies you as an individual. CHURCH collects personal information for a variety of purposes, such as:

• Church membership registration and listings;

• Church directories

• Volunteer and leadership development;

• Program and service registration, administration and delivery;

• Counseling and prayer support; and

• Church administration (tithing, offerings, payments owing, etc.)

How does CHURCH ensure privacy protections?

We collect, use and disclose personal information only for the purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate for the administration and management of a church organization.
Access to your personal information is on a “need to know” basis. We inform our church personnel and volunteers of the importance of protecting your personal information. We  will also advise all church volunteers that personal information obtained during their service cannot be used for any purposes other than authorized church ministry.
We will maintain adequate physical, procedural and electronic security with respect to offices and information storage facilities (e.g. filing cabinets) so as to protect personal information against such risks as unauthorized access, use, disclosure or destruction.

Tithing and offering information

Access to information regarding your tithes and offerings to CHURCH is restricted to: the church volunteers who collect and count the offerings.
You have the right to request access to information about your tithes and offerings. However, you do not have the right to access tithing/offering information to other identifiable CHURCH members without their written consent. You may access aggregate tithing/offering information not linked to an identifiable member. All requests for access must be submitted to the the officer(s) in charge and we will endeavour to respond to your access request as soon as possible.

Prayer requests

We encourage our members to share their prayer requests so that we as a church may pray together. We recognize some of the requests are sensitive and very personal. We will ensure that the personal information contained in our prayer request list be limited only to the amount necessary.

CHURCH website

We will carefully review the purpose and need before posting personal information on our church website. If personal information is posted, we will limit the amount of personal information to that which is necessary. This website is for informational purposes, not for commercial, so that it uses cookies or other identifiers to carry out activities that are strictly necessary for the operation or delivery of the service (unless you register). Users can disable such identifiers by modifying their browser or device settings as described in more detail within the instructions here, but this may affect core operational functions or result in the unavailability of the service. Still, you have right to request deletion of your data, including the session files (contact).


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